It started with cooking polymers in a basement...

Founded by three Brown University graduates fresh out of school in 2009, NuLabel began with materials innovation and applications engineering at its core. What started with blending polymers in a small apartment in Providence, Rhode Island quickly ramped up as NuLabel’s early activatable chemistry prototypes were proven by third party labs to show greater peel and shear strength than conventional pressure sensitive adhesive which require peel-away, throw-away liners.


...and it scaled thanks to an awesome team.

NuLabel is a team of chemists, engineers, technicians, and business development pros, and we all ended up at NuLabel because we're each starving. Starving to solve problems. Starving to make our lives as researchers and innovators easier. And starving to make the world a better place by deploying our talents.

Whether it is in a beaker or Solidworks, on a roll or a circuit board, in the machine shop or in the boardroom, our team unites around a simple philosophy: do the best work of your career here. What we do and how we think have become larger than the sum of each member of our talented team. The NuLabel team is so important to us that the only thing more exciting is thinking about what's next for you and for NuLabel.