In most companies there is a very clear delineation between owner, employee, and customer.  Most owners set up a structure so they can make all the decisions, takes all the risk, and reaps all the rewards of the success.  Employees do specific tasks asked of them by the owner, and if the company is lucky, it’ll make a successful product.  Customers tend to exist as names in a database and are useful for one thing:  converting a product into $$$ for the company.

At a company like ours, this hierarchy tends to have a different shape.  The distinction between owner, executive, employee, and customer tends to be much more fluid, in part because there is so much work to do, but mostly because to be successful everyone needs to roll up their sleeves and get deep into the details of the project at hand.  Customers become partners, executives roll up their sleeves and get involved, and employees own what they do.

One thing that is great about working at NuLabel is witnessing employees take ownership of what they are working on.  This takes many forms but can be seen when people go above and beyond what they’re expected to do.  When employees own what they do, they are willing to put in extra effort to make sure they are successful and the team is successful.  A team that owns a project collectively can get amazing things done. 

For most of us, working at NuLabel is more than punching in a day’s work and getting a paycheck.  It’s about passionately pursuing a challenge and bringing something to market that hasn’t been there before.  The process of creation can be exciting.  Owning that process can be downright thrilling.

Karl Stuen, Ph.D., Laboratory Manager