Ready to ditch linered pressure sensitive labels and start saving money?
Introducing Catalyst™ activated by NuLabel, the linerfree print-apply labeling solution. Utilizing a pre-coated activatable adhesive by NuLabel, Catalyst™ eliminates release liner from labels while:


Reduce Line Downtime


Lowering Per Label Costs


Eliminating Waste


Catalyst™ offers cost savings and efficiency gains, all while offering a zero-waste-to-landfill solution with no thermal transfer ribbon, no release liner, and no downtime tied to waste disposal.

How it Works


With no liner to feed onto the waste roll, a linerfree label roll is easier to load than standard PS rolls while adding over twice the number of labels per roll. Once fed to the printhead the applicator is ready to run.

Once the roll is loaded, the NuLabel media is activated by a water-based activation fluid as the label is being fed onto the tamp pad. The label is then cut to length and applied with a tamp blow application.

NuLabel's activatable adhesives solution eliminates liner waste. This allows for over twice as many labels on each roll when compared to pressure sensitive labels, while lowering label costs.


1. How does the NuLabel activatable adhesive work?
The activatable adhesive is pre-coated on the back of a thermal substrate. The adhesive is activated by a water-based, glue-free fluid immediately prior to the label's application to the carton.

2. What is the set up process of the activation spray and how is it dispensed?
The activation fluid is loaded in a fluidics container attached to the frame of the machine. The activation fluid is dispensed onto the label by precision nozzles that disperse spray to activate the pre-coated label. Activation fluid is a proprietary water-based solution however, water or moisture alone will not activate the label.

3. How does the Catalyst™ activation hardware system work?
A given printer-applicator functions identically to other printer-applicators in the market. The process for loading labels is faster than pressure sensitive media (with no rewind): and without the standard pressure sensitive liner, the linerfree NuLabel reel has over twice the number of labels, reducing changeovers and line downtime.

4. What benefits can be acheived versus pressure sensitive labels (PSL)?
Catalyst™ advantages over PSL are three-fold: operations, sustainability, and price. Half of a PS label is thrown away (the release liner).  By removing the release liner, NuLabel is zero-waste-to-landfill helping to eliminate thousands of pounds of waste from landfill. NuLabel can generate a waste savings calculator based on a customer’s specific production line output and label consumption. Removing the release liner allows NuLabel to lower the cost of the label itself while enjoying a more efficient labeling process.

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