Until now brand owners have been forced to choose between two prime labeling methods: messy cold glue and costly pressure sensitive labels. NuLabel offers the best of both worlds, with the most cost effective labeling option. NuLabel’s fluid-activatable adhesive technology replaces messy glue and costly pressure sensitive adhesives, and is activated by fluid delivery and material handling hardware available as a retrofit to existing cold glue labelers or as part of a new rotary labeler. 


Here is how NuLabel’s activation hardware works: Utilizing proprietary vacuum pallet technology, NuLabel media is transported from a stack of labels onto a gripper cylinder. On the gripper cylinder, the NuLabel adhesive is activated by a water-based, glue-free spray, and once sprayed the label is activated and ready to be applied to the container. NuLabel’s prime label solution has been validated by OEM partners at high speeds and is optimized for permanent adhesion to glass containers.