Synthesis Lab

NuLabel's research platform begins with its Synthesis Lab, where we synthesize and source thousands of raw materials from hundreds of suppliers. The Synthesis Lab is the driving force behind chemistry innovation at NuLabel. NuLabel's Synthesis Lab capabilities are duplicated at two different locations and encompass everything from bench synthesis of small molecule organics to large-scale manufacturing of commercial polymers.

Applications Lab

The Applications Lab is the core of NuLabel's research process. Here, tens of thousands of formulations have been reduced to practice generating tens of millions of data points along the way. NuLabel's Chemistry Team combines custom workflows with novel data collection and analysis, and the Applications Lab is where this combination comes to life. During each of these workflows, data is generated and captured in a custom-built, highly-searchable materials database that helps our researchers design new experiments, filter noise from actionable experiment data, and map performance trends.

Production Lab

NuLabel's Production Lab enables the high-throughput research process to continue from the Applications Lab to pilot production of coated substrates. At 31.5" wide, and capable of handling both paper and filmic rolls up to 30" in outer diameter, NuLabel's pilot coater uses multiple coating methods and strong inline analytical tools. The unique analytical and data collection capabilities of the pilot coater accelerate the manufacturing process and allow us to compare pilot production output with full-scale production manufacturing processes deployed by our outside coating partner. NuLabel's Production Lab offers partners a quicker route to market and expanded data collection and analysis tools to make more informed product scale-up decisions.