Our latest development, Catalyst™ activated by NuLabel, has reinvented print-apply labeling for cases and cartons by eliminating the peel-away liner from traditional pressure sensitive labels. NuLabel has adapted its pre-coated activatable adhesive and activation hardware technology to conventional print-apply labelers. Catalyst™ is the first linerfree label print-apply system that offers cost, waste, and efficiency savings for end-users through NuLabel's activatable adhesive technology.

Here is how Catalyst™ activated by NuLabel works: Labels are loaded into the printer-applicator and fed through the print engine – without the need to feed liner onto a waste reel (because there’s no more liner!). NuLabel linerfree labels are printed and dispensed onto an applicator pad. During the dispensing process, the labels are sprayed with NuLabel’s water-based, glue-free activation fluid and instantly activated. Once on the pad, the linerfree labels are cut and applied to the case or carton.